Home decor is brimming with so many fresh ideas and trending styles emanating from social media, influencers and publications every year that it is hard to keep up and decide which one is best for you.

We’ve decided to pull together a few key 2024 home decor trends that will realistically resonate well with the charm, lifestyles and character of your everyday Irish home. From the countryside cottage or homestead to the bustling streets of Georgia, suburban or high-rise Dublin, these trends can be adapted to suit a variety of local settings.

Let’s dive into some trending ideas and the homeware items you’ll need to bring these styles to life in your home.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home Styling

Sustainability isn’t just a new buzzword or fashion choice. In 2024, we need to build more and more sustainability into our homes.

The recent Energy crisis and ensuing inflation have made it clear that a sustainable and eco-conscious approach must be a way of life, not just a fashion trend.

Let’s consider some eco-friendly options you can bring to decorating your home in the coming decade.

Ways to inject a more eco-conscious approach  

2. Earthy Tones, Nostalgic Textures and Natural Palettes

Inspired by Ireland’s lush landscapes, earthy tones are making a big comeback. But there are deeper reasons for this cluster of colours.

There is a backlash against the cold tones of the workplace, a pause from technology and a yearning for a less technological, digital or even minimalist environment. The GenZ term ‘Low-key’ comes to mind.

In addition, there is a return to some of the warm brown and beige palettes of the 70s. Lighter tones such as taupe and beige are soothing and neutral, whilst warmer woody tones bring us back to nature.

How to Keep Your Palette Natural

3. Bring Nature in with a Biophilic Design

This trend is about bringing the Outside as we look to Nature for respite. Nature is a De-stressor. We’ve already mentioned the Natural textures and palettes you can use, but here are some more ideas:

How to embed Nature in your home

4. Making Use Of Multipurpose Spaces

As many continue to work from home post-pandemic, multipurpose spaces are more important than ever. This is heightened because some homes are multi-generational, and it is harder for some of us to move out of our parent’s homes. Some homes also host families from Ukraine.

All three factors indicate the need to maximise our spaces—multipurpose rooms or spaces within the home.

How to achieve Multipurpose Utility 

Return of the Kitsch and the Quirky

So far, we’ve talked about some very “Worthy” trends. But you should also have some fun!

Some of this can also be blamed for the slow but surely imminent nostalgia for the 70s. Quirky classic 70s styling in your fabric patterns or pops of quirky colour in the most minor expected locations are just some of the ways you can inject a few accents here and there. 

Bringing It All Together

We offer a quick glimpse into how Irish homes can be styled in 2024.

A trend may seem like a purely aesthetic thing or mere surface detail. Nevertheless, if you look deeper, you’ll realise every trend is the culmination of underlying conditions and movements in how we react to the world around us as it poses new challenges.

Despite these trends being popular, there is still room to add your unique take and tastes should you renovate or convert your home decor.

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