Don’t panic just yet if you still need to complete your Christmas gift checklist for the DIY enthusiast or tradesperson. Things just got easier.

We’ve compiled some great Christmas gifts and stocking filler ideas for you. And the best part is that one visit to our local hardware stores is all it takes to stock up on these goodies.

Let’s get started with our Last-minute Christmas Stocking Fillers For the DIY Enthusiast or Tradesperson In Your Life.

Must-Have Power Tools for Your Irish DIY Enthusiast

We have drawn from the expertise of tradespeople and DIY influencers with a quick list of must-have power tools we can recommend for every DIY enthusiast. These tools are essential for a wide range of home improvement and creative projects that must be carried out around the home.

So look at that tools shed, take stock and fill in the gaps for the DIY lover in your home! Ask yourself:

  • What are they missing from their tool kit?
  • Would they love to update to a newer model?
  • Do they need an upgrade or better technology to replace their old tools?

Quick Checklist of Essential DIY Tools to Gift

  • Cordless Drill – This is a primary yet versatile essential tool for drilling holes and driving screws. Look out for one with variable speed and good battery life.
  • Circular Saw. This power tool is ideal for cutting wood, plastic, and metal with the right blade. They come in various sizes and variations on blade types—a fundamental tool for any carpentry jobs, repairs with wooden materials and other joinery-based construction tasks.
  • Jigsaw – Gift this tool to anyone who loves to work on detailed woodworking projects – they’ll use this for cutting curves and creating complex shapes out of various materials, especially wood.
  • Random Orbital Sander – this device is also ideal for anyone who engages in woodworking and refinishing projects. This sander is superior to a regular sander. It’s perfect for projects that require a smoother finish and no noticeable scratch patterns.
  • Cordless Impact Driver – Similar to a drill, but with more torque. It’s excellent for driving long screws and bolts, especially in hard materials.
  • Miter Saw – Essential for making precise cuts, especially for angles and trims. A mitre saw is a must-have for any severe woodworking or framing work.
  • Oscillating Multi-Tool – Versatile for cutting, sanding, grinding, and scraping in tight spaces. Its interchangeable blades make it useful for a wide range of tasks.
  • Reciprocating Saw – Ideal for demolition tasks, cutting through wood, metal, and PVC. It’s known for its effectiveness in cutting in hard-to-reach places.
  • Table Saw – A vital tool for accurate and efficient cuts on larger pieces of wood. It’s a staple in many woodworking shops.
  • Router – Used for hollowing out an area in hard materials like wood or plastic. It’s essential for woodworking, especially for decorative edges, joining, and shaping.
  • Air Compressor with Nail Gun – Useful for quick nailing tasks, especially in carpentry and furniture making. The air compressor can also be used for other tools and functions.
  • Heat Gun – Great for stripping paint, thawing pipes, and bending plastic. It’s a versatile tool for various DIY tasks.



Safety First Stocking Filler Ideas For DIY

Let’s protect that beloved DIY-er in your home with smaller safety first stocking filler items. Here are a few Safety Accessories purpose-built for that next home improvement project:

  • The Tech Look Plus Spectacle – Perfect for the electrician in your life! These Dielectric safety spectacles have metal-free hinges and a rugged and modern design with dual material on the side arms. It’s got wide elastic bands for a better fit and can be easily combined with helmets and ear defenders. A removable EVA foam gasket also allows extra comfort and offers additional protection against shocks and dust.

  • Expertbase Safety Helmut – Good luck wrapping this one! This standard construction helmet has a high-density polypropylene shell, a 4-point plastic suspension harness, adjustable buckles and a soft sweatband to boot! These come in 4 primary colours.

  • Portwest Powertool Pro Gloves – These well-designed, purpose-built gloves reek of quality! They combine comfort, durability, impact resistance and stylish design and are ideal for tradespeople working with power tools and minor components.

  • Classic Ear Muffs EN352 – Ear muffs are essential yet often forgotten when doing DIY at home. Stay safe with these ultra-light and compact ear muffs, also adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in red or yellow.

  • Portwest Auck-Kit ABEK1P3 – this is a very high-end half mask for those dusty and dangerous environments with asbestos risk. It boasts a compact, low-profile design for maximum visibility and ease of movement. It is made from soft yet durable TPE and includes a high-performance exhalation valve to reduce heat and provide comfort when used in hot and humid conditions.

Cool Gadgets for the Modern Irish DIY-er

Have you got one of those tech-savvy lead adopters in your home – some ingenious gadgets are coming through for the DIY enthusiast or tradesperson who already has all the standard tools in their shed.

  • JMLHandy Brite LED Light – This Ultra-bright cordless LED work light has an innovative magnetic base that conveniently sticks to any metal surface to allow you to work hands-free. It is also Battery-powered and portable. It boasts twenty ultra-bright COB LEDs that will fill a room with light. There is also a built-in swivel hook to hang Handy Brite anywhere. Perfect for places where you need light and don’t have power. Perfect for working under the sink, in a dimly lit attic, in a garage or your tool shed.

  • JML Mighty Sight Magnifying Glasses With Lights – These hands-free, wearable safety glasses come with magnification for near vision, providing 160% magnification. It fits over your prescription reading glasses with LED lights built-in! Perfect for reading small print on labels, prescriptions and warnings. Perfect for doing detailed, close-up work with laser-like clarity or completing DIY projects without straining your eyes. It is also rechargeable.

  • Dargan10″ Adjustable Wrench – this very flexible tool provides you with a precision adjustment screw with accurate threads and tight tolerances. The parallels won’t back off during use or slip and damage finish surfaces. It boasts permanent lasered inch and mm markings for accurate adjustment. Made from the best materials, it has a fully forged chrome vanadium steel grip for optimum performance; a bi-material soft grip handle improves grip and comfort.

  • JMLPortable Sewing Machine Magic Stitch – This handy little number is perfect for the craftsman in your life who is always upcycling and making soft furnishings and decorations. This incredible hand-held sewing machine works like a standard table-mounted machine but is so tiny and portable that you can use it anywhere! It has the power of a full-sized sewing machine and the precision of a small device to repair delicate fabrics.

Have a Merry Handy Christmas

There you have it! A sackful of ideas to ensure you‘ll come home with the perfect stocking fillers for your Handy DIY enthusiast or Tradesperson in the family!