Is this the year you finally decided to do some DIY?

I just bought a house and realised that there are a lot of snags and projects just waiting to be done.

Perhaps you’ve got some time on your hands; you’re looking forward to retirement with the chance to get a few things down around the house. Finally!

Or have you just moved out independently and felt the need to do some basic tasks while saving yourself a bundle of cash?

Whatever the reason – start your DIY journey with the right kit. You should have some key items to help you carry out basic household jobs. Check out our little checklist of DIY Beginner’s toolbox essentials below.

Basic Hand Tools for Every Tool Box

Some basic tried and tested analogue hand tools have been around for decades and are still as essential as ever to every household. Here is a basic list of items that should be in every household toolbox.

  • A Claw Hammer should be used to drive nails into wood and remove them. A brand like the Stanley 16oz Blue Strike Claw Hammer has a curved claw head made from forged, heat-treated steel. Look out for a strong, solid tubular handle that will give you strength, a steady grip and a lightweight feel with a surface that should withstand heat, oil and most solvents.
  • Screwdriver Set – Look for a basic set that will give you a strong handle and a wide variety of flathead and Phillips head sizes for different screws. For example, the Dargan 32PC SCREWDRIVER BIT SET & HOLDER has an impressive selection of the most popular bit types manufactured from hard-wearing S2 steel to provide a long working life organised in a sturdy plastic storage case.
  • Adjustable Wrench – Use this tool to tighten and loosen bolts of various sizes. You can get them in sizes ranging from 8” -12” adjustable wrenches to a larger 18”-24” size range, which are more heavy-duty pipe-wrench models.        djgffffffffffffffffffffffff
  • Pliers – you will need needle-nose and standard pliers for gripping and bending materials. For example, the Irwin Vise-Grip 10R 10in Locking Pliers are suitable for general purposes. It provides maximum strength and gripping capacity whilst adjusting to various sizes. It has an adjustable screw that tightens to draw materials closer together and also provides controlled release. Pliers will have a straight serrated jaw for a good grip. This model also has a quick-release lever.
  • Tape Measure – ensure you have a good, durable table measure that will be essential for accurately measuring various materials, fittings and locations. A basic Stanley 8m/26ft Tylon Measuring Tape will see you through most jobs. It comes with both metric and imperial graduations. Fitted with a Tru-zero hook compensates accurately for internal and external measurements, with triple rivet construction for improved strength and durability. Digital devices can also give you measurements for larger spaces using laser technology.
  • A Level or Spirit Level – This simple device will ensure that shelves, frames, and other installations are horizontal or vertical. The Stabila70 60cm 120cm Levels 2pce Set gives you two options: A 60cm and 120cm option. They have a light alloy rectangular box design with vertical and horizontal vials.
  • Utility Knife – Use this convenient all-purpose tool to cut through various materials precisely. Be sure to wear gloves, just in case. The Stanley QuickSlide Knife will make a great first choice! It has an all-metal construction that is solid, reliable and long-lasting. It allows easy blade change with no required tools, making it easier and faster than a standard utility knife. The knife’s one-handed operation blade slider extends the blade easily and quickly. Most importantly, a pushdown and slide safety feature ensures that the blade is not accidentally extended.
  • Allen (Hex) Key Set – your Allen key set will often be used for furniture assembly and other tasks involving hex screws.
  • Basic Hand Saw – Use it for cutting wood, plastic, and other materials. For example, the Bahco 244 22 in x 7P Hand Saw has a universal tooth set with high-frequency hardened teeth that give up to 5x the life of conventional teeth. You can use it effectively on chipboard, hardboard and hardwood. The plastic handle incorporates 45º and 90º marking guides and is securely screwed to the blade.

Power Tools

You don’t have to start with every power tool in the range – we list the most critical items to get you started on most jobs at home.

Some items come without a Battery and charger, as these are supplied separately.

  • Power Drill/Driver – A cordless model is the most versatile, used for drilling holes and driving screws. The Einhell 18V Brushless 60 Nm Combi Drill and Kit are great places to start! This Cordless Combi Drill offers more power and longer runtime with the brushless motor. In addition, the impact driver has a two-speed gearbox for powerful screwing and fast drilling. The quick-stop function allows easy tool changes. As a unique feature, the user’s joints are protected by the additional handle, which ensures pleasant working thanks to the ergonomic design and soft grip. It also boasts an LED light to enhance the workspace. You’ll also get Einhell Power X-Change rechargeable batteries and a charger!
  • The Circular Power Saw is perfect for making straight cuts in wood and other materials. A good model would be the EinhellPower X-Change 18V Cordless 165MM Circular Saw. It is light and ergonomically easy to work with. The saw’s cutting depth and tilt angle can be adjusted without tools. There is a spindle lock that makes it easy to swap sawblades. You’ll also get LEDs and a dust adapter to give you a clear view and keep the surface clean.
  • A Sander – You’ll need an orbital sander to finish surfaces. A good starting choice would be the EinhellPower X-Change 18V Cordless Multi Sander, which is small, compact and easy to handle. This Cordless Multiple Sander boasts an ergonomic design with maximum functionality. It includes a vacuum cleaner adapter and six sheets of abrasive paper. You’ll love the Active dust extraction that helps you keep the work area clean.
  • Jigsaw – This tool is used for cutting curves and complex shapes in various materials. The Einhell 7 50W jigsaw will give you a variable Speed, allow for a blade change without tools, and have Electronic stroke speed control. It also comes with an LED light and a hinged view guard for a safe, clear view of the workpiece at all times. Safety-wise, it gets better! The parallel stop ensures controlled and accurate sawing. There is also a selectable dust-blowing function, practical cable clip and adapter for dust extraction to keep the work area clean and tidy. It is supplied with a saw blade for wood in a practical transport and storage case.

Stock up on these Replenishable Supplies

  • Assorted Nails and Screws – A variety pack to have on hand for various projects.
  • Sandpaper – Various grits for smoothing surfaces.
  • Duct Tape and Painter’s Tape – For temporary fixes and masking off areas for painting.
  • Drill Bits – A set including various sizes and types of materials.

Safety Gear

Depending on the specific job, there is a whole range of safety gear for DIY-ers.

Go through our handy list of safety-focused workwear: Winter Warmers and Safety Gear – A Quick Workwear Guide for DIY and the Trade.

Nevertheless, there are some specific items that you should have to see you through most tasks.

  • Safety Glasses – To protect eyes from dust and debris.
  • Ear Protection – This is especially important when using power tools.
  • Gloves – To protect hands during work.

But there’s always more to do!

A lot done, a lot more to do, as they say!

This collection of tools will see you through most basic tasks around the home. But as you engage in more specific repairs or elaborate upgrades around the house, more precise devices will be required.

The steady entry of new inventions and innovative or time-saving power tools is also evolving in the market over time. So keep your eyes open for new handy devices as you grow more confident and take on new projects.